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What Is Spirituality [podcast]

What Is Spirituality [podcast]

For many, the term spiritual means someone who is enlightened, old and wise, a good kindhearted open being!

While the above statement does speak to some of the typical character traits associated with most peoples ideas of a spiritual person, there is also another side to this idea of being spiritual!

This second aspect relates to the activities of the spiritual being, where we see the spiritual person as someone who meditates, fasts, practices silence and does not partake in sex, alcohol or drugs of any kind, is able to heal themselves and others and does so without regard for their own needs.

Again, while the above also represents an aspect of spirituality, this is NOT spirituality!

Both concepts of what people perceive of spirituality are simply representative firstly of what wisdom looks and operates like, and then secondly what activities are attributed to them.

Listen to the podcast to find out so much more!

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