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You may have heard the term introspection before or you may not, it relates to the ability to connect to the inner dialogue of your mind.

Today we lead very busy lives, which is reflected in our busy minds, where we process 60,000 thoughts each and every day!

We must realize that because 90% of the thoughts we have today are the same as those we had yesterday and that 95`% of these thoughts are negative- it is essential that we become aware enough to start to change them.

You may have heard me talk about the four doctor approach to living a harmonious life, this life model known as the four doctors looks at doctors; diet, quiet, happy and movement.

Diet relates to learning to listen to the feedback you get from you’re body when you eat foods that are good or bad for you.

Movement relates to moving forwards with life choices, performing movements that support function and posture whilst also improving general wellbeing.

Happy relates to making choices through awareness that support your core values in life.

Quiet is the capacity to find ‘me-time that supports rest and recovery, to be able to be quiet enough to listen to when you are tired, when you have eaten enough and when you need to move your body.

As you see with dr. quiet it is the chief physician because you need to be quiet enough to hear all the Doctors of health and is why introspection is needed for global health and wellbeing.

Sadly, the main focus with our thoughts is almost always negative self-reflection; metaphorically this represents the mirror and what you see or the representation of what you think you see!

Reality is what you represent to yourself everyday, this is always who you are at all times- to represent is to be what you see in the mirror which is always what you reflect (from the mirror) as your personal truth.

When our thoughts are aligned to our actions we are abiding, when we abide we are at the state of consciousness or living in the now!

Our goal through introspection (inner dialogue) is to align our thoughts (to abide) so that by living the way we know we should we feel comfortable enough so that when we look in the mirror what we reflect, we are happy to represent!

What moves us to action our core values is the desire to be happy with what we want to reflect in the mirror, this desire must be met by our will to succeed.

Desire is the dream, yet will is the action and only when “desire meets will”, is this action achieved and thus we are creating success!

Desire is what you want for yourself but will is how you achieve it!

In order for you to know what you desire you first must listen! This can only happen through introspection.

This journey of personal growth will only manifest by being fully present with your thoughts, loves, hates, fears and regrets so that you are aware enough to be able to change.

The most important step of awareness ONLY happens through quieting our minds through introspection.

Lets look at some ways we can build introspection into our lives?

Most people often suggest meditation, but this is like suggesting to someone whom has not exercise in many years to start off with a 24-mile marathon on the 1st day, it’s too much too soon!

Think about it? To move from a frantic busy mind, to focus on 1 thought in your 1st session is not going to happen, the frustration of the effort to achieve this can turn most people off the idea!

I like to suggest starting with listening to relaxing instrumental music for 30 minutes each day or night because music is a frequency, and frequencies effect our environment for the better or worse.

Next, I would suggest spending time in nature, at a park, forest or quite beach at least once every 2 weeks for around 3-4hrs to feel only your thoughts, the sound of the earth and silence.

Once you are able to do these things for a few weeks, move on to personal disciples such as spending 5 -10 minutes each day with focused breathing exercises such as can be found in my 9 essential steps to a calm mind audio coaching program.

Next I would suggest taking a tai-chi class, the great thing about this is that you are so focused on the learning process that this gives your mind something to anchor itself to, thus it is easier to stick with yet you gain the benefits of healing the mind and energizing the body.

Finally after perhaps 3-4 months I would suggest moving on to the stillness of meditation practice.

The practice of meditation is the ultimate expression of “no-mind” or introspection as it allows you to get quite and listen to the inner dialogue and shift it to positive thoughts, this aligns you to positive actions.

The saying that “all actions are preceded by thoughts!” is very true, we must think, process and then act, but in order for this action to be positive we must first connect to our highest vibration!

Our highest vibration is that which is on our frequency path, moving in the same direction as our core values, which are revealed to us through inner connection, only, then can we build on what we truly know we want positively for ourselves.

Our higher self (instinct, intuition) always knows what we need to know, when we need to know it! All we have to do is learn to listen!

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