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Practitioner referral plan

Practitioner referral plan– (CHEK practitioners Only)

This plan is used to support other practitioners who refer out, allowing a greater assessment and program for the client, upon completion this program is taught to the client and practitioner.

This package includes:

  1. Comprehensive Holistic Lifestyle Assessment  –  (includes video instruction)
  2. Comprehensive Physical, Medical, Postural and Breathing Assessment
  3. Customized Exercise Design, Stretching and Mobilization Program

Investment: 15hrs £2625


1. Ask about our payment plan
2. Hourly rate: £175
3. Day (hire) rate £1000
4. Add on mini: 10hrs £1750

Note: All correspondence including email replies and phone call queries are deducted from the investment fee using a minimum charge of 15mins per reply.

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