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4 Pillars of Health

4 Pillars of Health Transformation Lifestyle Coaching

Whole human beings consider all aspects of health and wellness to include Nutrition, Rest, Inspiration, and Movement, the 4 pillars of transformational health to successfully feel good and actualize their lives. A perfect compliment for anyone who is physically active, or who wants to resolve his or her lingering health challenges. I coach and empower you with down-to-earth strategies that minimize stress and remove emotional roadblocks so that together, we create optimal balance for a life well lived.

This package includes:

  • Comprehensive Lifestyle & Stress Assessment
  • Comprehensive Health & Medical Assessment
  • Comprehensive Postural and Breathing Assessment
  • Individualized Holistic Lifestyle Plan
    • Includes face-to-face and written dietary recommendations, nutrition tips, and movement strategies
  • Weekly 30 minutes touch and connect coaching sessions via Skype


A: 20hrs /£3500 (3 months)
B: 15hrs / £2625  (2.5 month)

plan A or B


Recommended Add On:

A: Intuitive Spiritual Mastery Package

1. Ask about our payment plan
2. Hourly rate: £175
3. Day (hire) rate £1000
4. Add on mini: 10hrs £1750

Note: All correspondence including email replies and phone call queries are deducted from the investment fee using a minimum charge of 15mins per reply.

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