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Elite Athlete

The Elite Athlete package

This package is for the competitive athlete who needs to be top of his or her game, whether you are on a team or engaged in individual sport.

This package includes:

  • Comprehensive Holistic Lifestyle Assessment
  • Comprehensive Physical, Postural and Breathing Assessment
    • Includes second physical and postural assessment
  • Customized Sport specific Exercise Design, Stretching and Mobilization Program – Includes:
    • Face-to-face corrective exercise training and postural retraining
    • Functional Primal Pattern Integration
    • Infant Development Integration
    • Video instruction
  • One-on-One pre & post rehabilitation corrective exercise training
    • Includes hands-on soft tissue release, joint mobilization, atlas adjustment

Investment: 40hrs £7000 (2-4 months)

All face-to-face sessions are minimally 2 – 4 hours.


Recommended Add On:

A: 4 Pillars of Health Transformation Lifestyle Coaching
B: Get Healthy Now!
C: Additional Rehabilitative hands-on soft tissue release, joint mobilization and or energy work (10hrs/ £1750)

1. Ask about our payment plan
2. Hourly rate: £175
3. Day (hire) rate £1000
4. Add on mini: 10hrs £1750

Note: All correspondence including email replies and phone call queries are deducted from the investment fee using a minimum charge of 15mins per reply.

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