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Post birth body balance

Post birth body balance package

Women use tremendous resources from their bodies to carry a child to term, they are under body wide stress for 9 month, which has a significant effect on their bodies after birth also.

The first 3- 6 months post pregnancy is vital in regaining muscle memory, abdominal strength, hormonal function and energy productivity!

Many new mums struggle to find personal time for their needs, staying in a state of fatigue and stress that leads to post traumatic stress and postpartum disorders.

With 1 in 5 women suffering from these syndromes it is vital to prevent this through having the personal time for nutritional coaching, hormonal balance and the energy healing work in this program.

Warren has developed a program that gives you the healing needed to cope with the challenges to your own health of body and mind, by having a program devoted to your needs as a new or experienced mother.

This package includes:

  • Comprehensive posture and breathing assessment
  • Individualized body shape plan
  • Comprehensive stretching and vitality work IN program
  • Includes video and bespoke digital program plan
  • Comprehensive functional exercise, body alignment and energy healing sessions
  • Once a month Holistic lifestyle and nutritional overview via Skype

Investment: 15hrs £2625 (3 months)

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