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The Four Doctor Living Philosophy

The Four Doctor Living Philosophy

And here we are! My first blog of my new website which I see as a platform, a vehicle of my offering to you all whom I have the pleasure of sharing this work with.

No one who works with me invests in me, they are all investing in themselves by hiring me to guide them on the path of true fulfillment through optimal whole person living.

My offering is based on the four doctor living philosophy of Dr. diet, quiet, happiness and movement.

Each Doctor represents a chance to embrace choices that enable favorable results by improving optimal living.

My system is not a “don’t do this, don’t do that” model, as this does not work, our addictions and habits are there for a reason, it is about learning to let our bodies guide us as to when to cut back and when to stop!

Learning that as we evolve our choices, we let go of things that we needed at the time that we needed them!

Doctor diet

Focuses on food choices, learning to balance macronutrient (food group) ratios, eating with awareness, food elimination and allergies, while learning to make better choices that you the client want to make as you learn that willpower is truly never enough to break habits.

Doctor quiet

Is the chief physician, with this doctor we learn to honor the inner voice through introspection and spending time developing our ability to listen to when we need to eat, sleep, exercise and play.

Many humans drink to excess, play for too long or feel excessively lazy or bored with too much rest, doctor quite teaches us to connect to what our physical, emotional and spiritual needs are on a day-to-day basis.

Doctor quite is the spiritual philosophy that we use as our guide because it sets the road map for our journey by teaching us to trust in what we already know.

Doctor movement

Is not just learning to exercise, as the name suggests it represents all types of movements, be they learning to breath correctly to aid healthy bowel movements, learning to stretch so that you learn to move your body the way that feels most natural or learning movements that improve posture and your athletic performance.

Doctor movement also teaches you to activate the action steps that support the choices you have made, where you learn to move the choice or value into effect.

Doctor happy

Teaches us that “ success is getting what you want, happiness is wanting what you get” as we realize that only by firstly identifying and then living our core values we can be truly happy and fulfilled.

Here we learn that by listening (Dr. quiet) to the inner voice and loving the choices that make us happy we are living our potential everyday.

My offering to you is helping you to move your values into actions, to listen to the food choices that stimulate vitality, to learn to rest when your body tells you and only move when you have the required energy.

My system is not one part of the equation, it is a whole-body system because that is what is required to get the results you want and need.

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