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Vertical Disease – You Are Wearing Your Choices

Vertical Disease – You Are Wearing Your Choices

There is a scale that expresses our health termed ‘the vitality scale’ with a rating from 1-10, it shows us that when our level of vitality drops below 7, we are open to bacterial overgrowth, sickness and eventual death.

Many people today in the western world make choices that lead them to maim their own health to the point that their bodies are chronologically 10-15yrs older than their actual age, sadly most are at the point were their life is over before it has fully started! we call this ‘vertical disease’

Warren discusses how improving posture, breathing and getting appropriate rest we can retard the aging process, that by being happy and living better choices we can live a vital long life!

Warren looks at the benefits that energy building; connection to nature and wearing natural clothing can have on your health and why it’s important to listen to your inner voice to find your dream.

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