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WHOLE BEING HEALTH – Living Your 6 Foundational Principles

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This 6-week workshop will empower you to learn the most important and needed principles to gain vitality, abundance and live your legacy by learning to balance the polarities of Yin and Yang for daily living.

Thursday 22nd June – Thursday 27th July 2017


Learning to develop core values and dream themes so that you co-create your legacy, you will be given drills and learn tools to create a working chart that will guide your path to live your dream.

This session is both theory and practical where you will learn how to breathe correctly, how to correctly self-assess breathing dysfunctions so that you don’t entrain poor techniques, and energizing tai-chi exercises.

You will learn what primal pattern or genetic food group you fall under, your unique macronutrient ratio with helpful food charts and meal plan examples, you will also learn how to create rotation diets for each food type.

We also cover nutrition for optimal digestion, hormonal health and immunity, and how to eliminate and manage Candida, bacterial infections and toxic exposure.

Movement is not just about exercise, it also relates to digestion, breathing, stretching and exercise, here we will learn to understand how movements help to eliminate constipation, joint pain and balance our energy fields.

One of the many overlooked remedies and causes of illness is water, the quality and the correct amount for each individual will aid digestion, brain function, asthma, recovery from injury, breathing and more, here you will learn the benefits of water, the best water to purchase and how to test water quality easily.

Many people suffer from insomnia, poor sleeping habits or waking up fatigued, this session with cover many helpful tools to create a focused sleep, you will also learn the optimal times for sleep, the benefits of power naps and what to do if you have a child, are a frequent flyer or do shift work.

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