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I see my work as alchemy- a process of transformation and creation; enabling, empowering and teaching my clients to reach their potential, eliminate pain, discard emotional trauma and find their life legacy!

Each package has evolved through 18 years of challenging cases; some of my packages are designed for those who are keen to development their mental/emotional selves, such as “intuitive spiritual mastery” & “4 pillars of health”.

Other packages such as “Elite athlete” & “Cutting edge rehabilitation” focus on the pursuit of movement proficiency & mastery, a great fit for elite athletes and those who have muscle pain due to structural imbalance.

Healthy eating, eating disorders and gut health are a key focus for my “get healthy now” & “Elite body shape transformation” programs, these plans allow healing of many autoimmune, bacterial and fungal challenges that many of my clients face.

With packages ranging from three months to one year, this allows the client the freedom to choose a plan that suits their level of time commitment, focus and symptoms with which to work through.


elite athlete

The Elite Athlete package

This package is for the competitive athlete who needs to be top of his or her game, whether you are on a team or engaged in individual sport.

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cutting edge

Cutting Edge Rehabilitative Corrective Exercise & Conditioning Package

This package is designed for the exercise enthusiast who is experiencing back, shoulder, knee or hip pain, inflexibility and tightness in the muscles and joints, or who would like to take their current exercise program to the next level.

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elite body shape

Elite Body Shape Transformation Package

Many men and women are interested reshaping and transforming their body and this is a focused program to help you do that. Whether you are a body-builder or a mom recovering from childbirth, this program will help you to achieve the body you desire.

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4 Pillars of Health Transformation

4 Pillars of Health Transformation Lifestyle Coaching

Whole human beings consider all aspects of health and wellness to include Nutrition, Rest, Inspiration, and Movement, the 4 pillars of transformational health to successfully feel good and actualize their lives.

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get healthy now

Get Healthy Now! Package

A mini version of the 4 Pillars of Health Transformation Lifestyle Coaching package, this is great for implementing a healthy lifestyle or as a tune up.

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intuitive spiritual mastery

Intuitive Spiritual Mastery Package

This package is designed for those individuals who wish to develop and refine their mental, intuitive and spiritual abilities while resolving the emotional roadblocks that have been holding them back from performing at their peak potential.

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CHEK practitioner referral plan

Practitioner referral plan– (CHEK practitioners Only)

This plan is used to support other practitioners who refer out, allowing a greater assessment and program for the client, upon completion this program is taught to the client and practitioner.

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business mentoring plan

Business Mentoring Plan

This plan is designed to coach clients to learn how to balance their four doctors, core values and set their dream, prior to developing a plan that helps the client to build a business template that is dream affirmative.

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Zen Life

Zen life | work life Package

This program is tailored for the busy executive challenged with the burden of responsibility, finding it challenging to switch off and recover day-to-day, successful yet burnt out, “tired and wired” and struggling to find a focused plan of action to achieve optimal health and maintain their busy schedules.

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post birth body balance

Post birth body balance Package

Warren has developed a program that gives you the healing needed to cope with the challenges to your own health of body and mind, by having a program devoted to your needs as a new or experienced mother.

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