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Warren Williams specializes in strength balance and healing

Warren Williams specializes in strength balance and healing

My name is Nathan Weise a professional boxer, I compete at championship level, I met warren 5 years ago I got in contact because I suffered from a bad shoulder it would dislocate at any movement, I tried everything before hand I’ve had two operations I’ve tried strength work with other trainers but nothing seemed to work, I was getting depressed and contemplated retirement until a friend of mine an ex-boxer named Akash advised me to see Warren Williams who specializes in strength balance and healing.

I was pretty skeptical at first but I thought why not I have nothing to lose so I went ahead, first was a consolation, then we arranged to meet once a week, after 3 weeks with warren I was exited, he was amazing clearly new his stuff. After about 8 weeks I felt so strong I had no pain at all but I made a big mistake and started sparring when I was advised by him not to, my shoulder came out and I was In tears not knowing what to do, he spoke to me and said let’s start again but please listen, I did exactly that and it’s been 6 years since my shoulder has dislocated, I continue the treatment till this day, thank you Warren Williams.

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